Proud Seniors Celebrate Their Graduation

On a sacred Saturday in May, students, faculty, families and friends gathered to celebrate the culmination of the Monarch journey for nine Seniors: Max Kifer, Sam Thonnard, Joshua Naccarato, Lauren Lallinger, Elizabeth Huang, Ian Blake, Riley Simpson, Caitlin Glauber and Thomas Casey. Seniors had just returned from their self-planned Senior trip to Los Angeles, and celebrated their Senior status at Minute Maid park, complete with an appearance on the Jumbotron! At graduation, each senior presented Dr. Marty Webb with a Senior gift to The Monarch School. The Life Academy hosted a reception following the joyous occasion.

Monarch Supports The Lion King Autism-Friendly Performance – July 28th

The Monarch Institute is proud to support the launching of The Hobby Center’s Lion King Autism Theatre Initiative, which will make live theatre accessible to children on the autism spectrum and their families. The first ever autism-friendly performance of a Broadway show in Houston will be Disney's landmark musical THE LION KING, on Saturday, July 28th at 2:00 p.m. Dr. Bryant Shaw, Director of The Monarch Diagnostic Clinic, has steered an Advisory Committee that has spearheaded local efforts to make this performance successful and comfortable for people with autism and their families. Click here for more on this story and for ticket information!

Monarch Participates in the 2012 Art Car Parade

The Monarch Community on May 12th participated in the 25th Annual Art Car Parade of Houston, TX. Ten Monarch Challenger students spent three months designing, constructing and perfecting the 2012 entry, The Monarch Voyager. It may look like the Monarch School bus, but on May 12th it transformed into a visual and kinetic testament to our students’ accomplishments and commitment to the community around them as students from all Levels joined the parade. Click here to read the rest of this story and to watch the slide show on our student blog!

Cirque de Monarch

What an honor to have the Circus Hannes School come to spend the day with us at The Monarch School. Mr. Anne Kuipers, The Director, came to our school with an open mind and a tremendous heart, and introduced our kids to a day of wonderful memories. He used his gentleness, patience, sense of humor and expert teaching skills to provide the kids with many new experiences. They learned how to juggle with balls, scarves, and pins. Mr. Kuipers taught the students how to use the flower sticks, spin plates on a stick, and walk on a tight rope. The students also dabbled in diabolos, unicycles and little clown bicycles. Click here to continue.

No Place for Hate by Room 128 - written by Apprentice Level Students

No Place for Hate is a program for schools where people practice being nice to each other. It is about making people feel valued and respected no matter what they look like or where they come from. This was the Apprentice Level’s first year to do the project. To be certified as a No Place for Hate campus, we had to complete three projects. Our projects were about three areas of diversity and acceptance. We did projects about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., culture and diversity, and disabilities. Visit our website for more on this story.

Diversity Quilt - Written by Apprentice Level Students in Room 128

Room 128 is learning about culture and diversity. We made a quilt using squares that were made by students. We interviewed our families to learn about our cultures and traditions. We learned that our ancestors came from China, Croatia, England, Russia, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Jordan, Palestine, Spain, Mexico, Hungary, Poland, Greece, and Venezuela. This means that the students in Room 128 have lots of different backgrounds and traditions. Click here to continue.

Ekatva - By Nathan, Apprentice Level Student

The Ekatva Group is a group from India and they used to live in a slum. In case you don’t know what a slum is, it is a small house crammed together with other houses very closely. It’s an area in India where the stuff that the majority of people have, these people either don’t have it or just have very little of it.

Click here for more.

Coffee, Tea, or…Interviews?
By Aaron Palmer and David Kates, Monarch Voyager Level Students

On May 15th, a group of Voyagers went to Starbucks. However, this was not simply a chance to enjoy some coffee; we were there for job training. This time, the training focused on practice interviews. Before we made the trip, we prepared by looking at a list of sample questions and practicing answers with each other. We also discussed proper interview attire, such as guys wearing nice slacks and a collared shirt, with girls wearing either a simple dress or a skirt and blouse. Visit our website to read the rest of this story.

One Doggone Good Deed

When a Professional Educator and student reported a stray dog was loose on campus, Mr. Christopher Perri, Novice/Apprentice Program Director, prepared for his approach and discovery with caution and curiosity. When he found the sweetheart of a puppy that was around the corner, it was clear that she was a loving part of someone’s family somewhere.

A small team of animal-enthusiasts and caretakers converged to determine a plan for this lovely lost puppy, sharing a collective hope that a reunion was possible. Click here to continue.

Pillow Talk at The Common Thread
by David Kates, Voyager Level Student

On April 17, 11 Voyagers piled into Monarch vans for a special opportunity – but first, it was time for a little breakfast. We made a stop at Einstein Bros. Bagels and enjoyed bagels, coffee, and assorted other morning munchies. After eating, it was a short trip to the Memorial Drive United Methodist Church. There, we met with people from The Common Thread, and joined in on their project. What project, you ask? Click here to read more!

Life-long Learners

To honor our professional educators who have recently advanced their learning:

  • Stephanie Politte, Masters in Special Education
  • Audrey Omenson, Masters in Psychology, and fully Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Julie Maru, Masters in Educational Psychology
  • Katie Bradarich, Ph.D. Dissertation Title - Evaluating the Pragmatic Analytical Reading Level Instruction (PARLI) Framework: A mixed methods research and development case study
  • Christine Clark, Masters in Educational Psychology - Thesis title: Talent development and Twice Exceptional Learners: The Monarch School.

Please join us in congratulating their fine commitment to learning and advancing our community!

We Appreciate Our Parents!

Enjoy this delightful slide show of our wonderful, supportive parents at Parent Appreciation Day. We are so grateful for you and all you do! Thanks also to Starbucks, for providing the delicious beverages!

Grocers & Retailers Help You Help Monarch

Certain retailers will donate percentages of your purchases to The Monarch School. These funds go directly to our scholarship fund and really add up over time.

Click here for more information.

Feedback Requested from all Monarch Stakeholders

The Monarch School is engaged in an ongoing continuous improvement process, of which all stakeholders are a part. We will be sending parents, guardians, and faculty an invitation to participate in the online survey between the dates of July 15th and August 15th as one method of reaching all stakeholders. Some students will be completing survey’s here at school.

Surveys are a means to engage all our stakeholders systematically in two-way communication. They provide school leaders and professional educators a lens into the thinking and perceptions of our stakeholders. Careful analysis of the results enriches understanding of areas of strength and effectiveness, as well as those areas that possibly need improvement. The survey results will enable us to measure stakeholders’ attitudes and help target improvement strategies focused on student achievement and school effectiveness. Taking the survey will also help stakeholders understand the AdvancED Standards for Quality Schools and provide a means for learning about what a parent, student, or faculty member should be looking for in a high quality school system.

Your cooperation and support in completing the surveys will be greatly appreciated. Please be on the lookout for your survey invitation in the coming weeks!