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Grandparents and Special Friends Day 
Capital Campaign Phase One Complete

Each year our students invite their Grandparents and Special Friends to a day in the life of a Monarch student. Their guests enjoy participating in regular class activities and projects, allowing our students to share a portion of their daily routines. Visit our website to enjoy a slide show of pictures from this year’s Grandparents and Special Friends Day!
The Monarch School Board of Trustees and the New Campus Capital Campaign Committee proudly announce the completion of Phase One of the campaign. We have raised a total of $6,218,450 which is well in excess of the total Phase One budget for the now completed Chrysalis building and its portion of common infrastructure.

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Monarch Presents at Advocacy Seminar at UT Medical School-Houston

In support of the push toward increased effectiveness by early-career physicians in advocating for children’s needs, faculty of the UT Medical School-Houston recently held an advocacy training seminar for its advanced-level pediatric residents. This day-long, interactive learning experience afforded future pediatricians many opportunities to increase their awareness of advocacy techniques, to establish a better understanding of controversies and obstacles to effective advocacy, and to engage in role play exercises aimed at giving these young doctors practical experience with applying their knowledge.

Dr. Bryant Shaw, Director of The Monarch School Diagnostic Clinic, was invited to speak on issues in advocacy relevant to children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and their families, and was also asked to guide resident participation in activities that allowed for practical application of knowledge gained.

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It’s Carnival! Mardi Gras Luncheon Honoring Voyagers
Brain Awareness 2010
A traditional Mardi Gras bill of fare was served to our Voyagers on Fat Tuesday, February 16th, hosted by Kipp & Harry Baxter. The group of 24 enjoyed authentic New Orleans muffulettas, Zapp’s chips, fruit salad and King Cake – complete with the baby hidden inside. Kate Matthiesen was the lucky recipient of the baby, and, as tradition has it, will have luck for the entire year – and she’ll buy the King Cake for next year! Visit our website to read more about this fun event!
For 15 years Brain Awareness Week has been sponsored by The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives This year Brain Awareness Week is March 15 – 21, which is during our spring break, so Monarch students and faculty at the Novice and Apprentice Levels will highlight their continual brain awareness throughout the month of March.

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Monarch Parent Recognized for Volunteer Contributions

Congratulations to Barbara Adcock, Monarch parent, volunteer and advisor for our Families in Need program, who recently received the Outstanding Partnership Award from the Texas Association of Partners in Education. They confirmed what we’ve known all along: that Barbara is an Oustanding Partner! Click here to read the Ft. Bend Sun article that announced the award.

Barbara was also selected as Volunteer of the Week by the Ft. Bend Star on February 17th. Barbara was chosen for her work in creating the Guided Reading Library at Colony Meadows Elementary School.

Congratulations to Barbara for her outstanding leadership qualities and recent well-deserved recognition! Visit our website for more on this story.

Challenger Car Club Gets Up-close with R8
Challenger Newsflash!
Mr. Rob Roberts (father of Shay) brought his Audi R8 to school for a demonstration.

Mr. Roberts generously opened up the R8 for everyone to see. We gathered around the jewel-like engine under a glass cover, the unique front luggage space, and the boldly styled headlamps. As an added treat, students took turns sitting in the driver’s seat and enjoyed the rare opportunity of seeing the world through the R8 windshield. When Mr. Roberts fired up the engine, everyone was in awe of the low rumble of power that poured out.

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This just in: Max Foye, a Challenger student, has been declared one of the winners in the 12th Annual Society for the Performing Arts Visual Art Contest. Congratulations to Max and to all the Challenger students who participated! Visit our website for more on this story.
In Memorium
The Attack of Mr. Ken!
May 25, 1951 – January 29, 2010

We mourn the death of Monarch’s friend, Fletcher Gibson, who was instrumental in helping us find our first home at the Houston Mennonite Church. Fletcher was a close friend of former Advisory Board members Dean Eisemann and Joel Otte, both of whom had sons who attended Monarch when we opened in fall 1998.

When Fletcher heard about his friends’ support of the start-up therapeutic school to be named “The Monarch School” and what a difficult time we were having finding a suitable site for the new school, he offered his help and real estate expertise. We were so grateful to him for his help and for the gift of his friendship. We extend our deepest condolences to the Gibson family and all of Fletcher’s extended family of friends.

Monarch Life Academy students demonstrate their love of learning and their love of Mr. Ken, their teacher!
Honoring the Dream: Part Two
Monarch Faculty in the Houston Chronicle

The Monarch School has a longstanding commitment of inviting our students to attend school on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day for the purpose of honoring and learning about the message of this great leader.

Last month we focused on Novice and Apprentice level activities, and this month are featuring Challenger and Voyager level students.

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Click here to see Jennifer Arnold, Business Manager, and Rachel Weber, Administrative Assistant admiring Ernie the Porcupine at a Human Resources seminar last week!

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