About Us

A warm welcome from the Head of Institute

Here at The Monarch Institute, we empower individuals with neurological differences—so that they can seize opportunities to impact their families, their communities, the world.

Our premier institute includes a therapeutic Day School, a Diagnostic Clinic, Therapy Services, a Training Center, Transition Services and Replication Services, each one focused on transforming lives.

Why are we here?

Did you know that a new case of autism is diagnosed every 15 minutes1? That an estimated one out of every six children is affected by neurological conditions that require treatment2? And that one in every 100 children in the United States has autism, Asperger Syndrome, pervasive development disorder or other autism spectrum disorder3? These alarming statistics are why The Monarch Institute exists.

We are committed to helping individuals get the chance they deserve to make more significant contributions to the world. Our students and clients drive our thinking at all times, and we consider it a privilege to serve them.

What are our guiding principles?

First, we are dedicated to empowering individuals with neurological differences.

Second, we are devoted to knowing and serving each person we work with—not as a diagnosis, but as a unique individual who learns, thinks and experiences the world like no one else.

Third, we are committed to providing each student and client with individualized intervention plans, which are firmly rooted in our Four Core Goals and follow the developmentally sequenced targets of our Levels System.

Fourth, we are faithful in the reflective care of our students and clients, knowing that they will need many opportunities to practice the important skills required to be successful in life.

What do we believe?

Everyone can move forward in their development, and it is our job as educators and mental health professionals to foster joy in relationships and a love of learning. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and that wisdom is the outcome of a Monarch Institute experience.

We want to break down stereotypes associated with neurological differences. We have the privilege of discovering gifts, talents and strengths that might have gone unrealized. And we have the honor of introducing our clients to the world as they really are—competent, strong, smart, tenacious and funny—and the world is often surprised.

If you are already connected with The Monarch Institute, thank you for everything you do to make this such an incredible corner of the world. If you are new, we hope this glimpse of life within our therapeutic community renews your belief in the power of commitment, love and hard work to truly shape lives from the inside out.


Debrah Hall, Ph.D.
Head of Institute

1 Centers for Disease Control, 2007
2 NIH and President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health
3 National Survey of Children's Health, 2007