Neal Sarahan, Ph.D.

Neal Sarahan

Dr. Sarahan received a Ph.D. in applied developmental psychology from The Union Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. He holds a B.A. in urban government from Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C. and a M.Ed. in early childhood education from Antioch University. He has represented mayors as a political lobbyist and held teaching positions at the early childhood, elementary, high school, and university levels. He has launched residential and transition services programs in several settings, and served as educational consultant to numerous school districts and a multitude of families. In coordination with the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, he organized a Houston metropolitan consortium to enhance curriculum and structured teaching settings for students with Autism, training in more than 60 schools with 200 teachers.

Dr. Sarahan serves as Program Director of the Challenger and Voyager levels of the Monarch Program, where he leads a team supporting growth for learners in academic, therapeutic, residential, and career-related development. He is a co-creator of the Monarch levels-based, objectives-driven operating system. Dr. Sarahan enjoys—no, he loves serving as an advocate, educator, coach, interpreter, spokesperson and program designer for learners with neurological differences, on their road toward competence and contribution.

Available to speak on these topics:

  • Comprehensive Program Design for Learners with Neurological Differences
  • Constructing and Operating an objectives driven therapeutic community 
  • Supporting Relationship Development
  • Supporting Self Regulation Skills and Strategies
  • Supporting Growth in Executive Function
  • Supporting Programs for Academic and Professional Competence
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Peer Mediation and Conflict Management
  • Outdoor Classroom Opportunities for Environmental Education and Play
  • The Place of Service Opportunities in a Curriculum for Community Building
  • Residential Opportunities and Options for Learners with Neurological Differences
  • School-Based Entrepreneurial Business Opportunities
Contact Information: 

Neal Sarahan, Ph.D.
2815 Rosefield
Houston TX 77080
Work: 713-479-0800
Fax: 713-464-4799